Three Pets of the Week

Time for some Adopt a Pet Pets of the week from the Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter. Aliyah the domestic short haired cat is about 3 years old and was found as a stray. She is a very sweet girl and has a BEAUTIFUL COAT OF COLORS, white, orange, and black.  Jasper is a very macho manly American Short Haired cat who enjoys a good rub down then wants to be in the sun stretched out and left alone. He does not get along with other cats, and they are not sure about dogs. Does well with children. And finally Chico, a Chihuahua daschund mix. He is blond with some white spots. He was found abandoned at one of the local vets offices with two other animals. He is a cute little dog and seems to be friendly. They call him the Mexican Jumping Bean, as he loves to bounce and play. His favorite toy is a tennis ball and he is pretty good at fetch. Check out these pets at the Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter, on Petfinder, and On Facebook.

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